Update: Approximately 0.5% of all listeners hated the “commute optimised” version of episode 8. It’s still up there for the enlightened but as a fallback, you can also get the “unoptimised” episode 8.1 as your own risk (link below).

It had been four months since we last recorded. During those 120 days, the UK saw three general elections, the BREXIT deadline was been extended seventeen times, three ice ages came and went but we were still waiting for the next Beastie Boys album.

We talk about progress with pixl-latr, photographic motivation and by-products, racism, sexism and fascism on social media (plus a bit in real life) and how to deal with it.

Finally, we stumble on the solution for powering the matrix and ending the world’s climate/energy/misinformation crisis by using pure, unfettered hate.

A word of warning: this episode represents peak hypersensitivity, possibly peak podcasting. Possibly not.

What we have done – in order to add a bit of innovation to today’s stale podcasting landscape – is made it easier for you to listen by “optimising” the content so you can get over two hours and fifteen minutes of pure gold in just over 90 minutes without lifting a finger.

Don’t ask us how we did it. It’s magic. Also, please don’t judge us. We’ll get the hang of this eventually.

As always, it’s NSFW from the start and please leave your suggestions for the next episode in the comment’s section below or over on the world’s fastest-growing social media collective: the HPP Facebook group.

Here’s how you can listen (although as usual, you might have to give Apple a bit of a chance to catch up).

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~ EM (and Hamish)

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  1. ‘Why isn’t the internet more middle class’.

    I thought the angst driven hate was perfectly observed. Well done chaps. An excellent sketch.

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