We all know Print File, don’t we?

Pioneers of 35mm archival products (and archival standards), Print File have been quietly working away for the past 50 years to develop photo storage and archival products in nearly every format you can imagine. If you still don’t know who they are, go check your last set of lab-developed negatives, they’re likely to be stored in Print File sheets.

Now they need our help.

As Moraima Diaz of Print File explained in a recent communication:

We have 20 rolls of 120 expired (early 1990’s) 120 film that we found in our old darkroom. We were thinking that maybe some people in the Film Photography community would be interested in shooting some of this film and in return, give us permission to use some of their images for our online and offline product and marketing materials.

In the past we’ve mostly used stock images, or our own personal photos for illustration but we decided to change things around and make a start by featuring the photography of a friend of the business on the front page of this year’s catalog. It’s the picture of the Space Shuttle at take-off – http://digital.turn-page.com/t/10424-print-file.

Following a bit of back and forth over the past few days, we’ve spawned the idea you see for this giveaway below.


Here’s how it’s going to work.

There are 10 prizes up for grabs in this (nearly) zero-commitment giveaway. Each prize consists of two rolls of expired 120 film from the darkroom stash pictured above, and the choice of a pack of Print File 120 film negative archive pages (120-3HB, or 120-4HB).

All winners are asked for in return is to submit some of the best images from their developed rolls to Print File, who would like to use them in their catalog, on their website, or social media.

Photographs will remain the property of the winners, and credit will be provided wherever the images are used – examples here and here – but you won’t be paid a royalty fee. In addition, Print File will be putting together a showcase of the selected images on their website with details and links back to the winners websites and/or social media.

If you’re stuck thinking about what kind of pictures Print File might like, take a look at below at the poorly shot and incredibly derivative example we put together earlier this week.


Print File Giveaway - It's a quick and dirty example but here's one direction you could go
Print File Giveaway

It’s a quick and dirty example but here’s one direction you could go


Now that abomination is out of the way, on to the important stuff!

The film up for grabs includes: Kodak Ektar 25, Lumiere 100, Vericolor HC 100, Ektachrome 100 Plus Professional, Ektachrome 100X and T-MAX 100. There’s also a roll of Fuji Velvia (RVP 120 – the good stuff).

For a chance to win, just leave a comment below stating “I’m in!“, or retweet this post making sure that you include the hashtag #EMULSIVExPrintFile.

Winners and prizes will be chosen randomly and you may enter from now until midnight EST on Monday 7th March 2015. We’ll be notifying winners by email / social media on Tuesday March 7th. No comment, or hashtag in your Tweets will mean no entry!


Wait, there’s more.

Expired Film Day 2016 is literally around the corner. Print File know this and have committed to getting prizes out to winners ASAP. This means that if you’re in the lower 48 States (that’s the mainland USA for the rest of the world), you should be able to get your film in time to shoot it on March 15th.

International winners might have to make sure they have other expired film to play with on the day. Given the current state of USPS, that will most likely include you lovely Canadians, too.


Wait wait, one more thing.

As you’ve been patient enough to read this post right to the very end, there’s a little extra for you. Print File have also kindly offered to provide EMULSIVE readers with 15% off all online orders placed between March 4-18 2016. All you need do is make sure you get your order in before midnight EST on March 18th and use the discount code FILMSWAP15 when you get to the checkout.

Print File 15% discount

The terms are simple: anybody that participates in any way, by entering, following on social media, or reading this article can use the discount code.

Go ahead and fill your boots!



  • The competition is open to anyone with the ability to shoot 120 film, because…
  • By entering, you are agreeing to submit selected images from any rolls of film you win to Print File and give them permission to publish and use those images (with appropriate credit) in their catalog and other online and offline materials.
  • Players must be aged over 5 years old.
  • Players from all countries are welcome to join, but if you’re in a country that’s currently on a US Govt exclusion list, it’ll be near impossible to get a prize to you.
  • There aren’t any cash alternatives to prizes, that doesn’t make sense given what we’re trying to do.
  • If we think of any more, we’ll add them here.


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