Hello friends! It is with a certain emotion that I can announce my first personal exhibition, “Beyond the Look”, which will be held in Rome, from April 7th to 15th at the Spazio Tetenal.

A total of 22 prints will be exhibited, made following the principles of analog photography. From the exposure of the film to the press you have silver salts. I hope this exhibition will be of interest to all photography enthusiasts, but is aimed, above all, at that special audience that appreciates or wants to approach analogue photography.

The exposed prints are made entirely by hand, through long and repeated sessions in the darkroom. I will be happy to greet and comment on photographs on display.

Almost all of the 22 prints on display were derived from 4×5 negatives except for a few, which were captured in 6×7 format. All prints were made on Baryta paper and have received a real archival treatment, which includes a double fixing and selenium toning.

In reality, a little over 22 photographs will be exhibited – a dozen will be accessible directly by the public, who will have the opportunity to observe them in their hands under the protection of appropriate transparent acid-free bags. Approximately ten prints will be visible to the public for the first time.

The themes depicted are those more congenial to me than simple landscape and architecture, the majority of my prints are 30x40cm and mounted by heat press on board complete with passepartout (matting), with final measurements of 50×60 cm.

Perhaps I have exposed too many technical aspects here! As we all know, a good photograph must above all be able to transmit emotions and sensations. Through my attempts to convey a feeling, I hope that those who come to see my prints in person will perceive that!

Beyond the look, poster!
Beyond the look, poster!

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to warmly thank Pierangelo Francia and his wife Cristiana, owners of the renowned Spazio Tetenal, who after having viewed my photographs, with generosity and enthusiasm, have made available their precious exhibition space.

Thank you!

~ Antonio Biagiotti



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Antonio Biagiotto

Hailing from Northern Italy, Antonio is a mostly medium format photographer working in 6×7 using his Pentax 67ii. Antonio is as enthusiastic about photography as he is passionate and has an immense body of work, which captures Italy’s beautiful countryside,...

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  1. Antonio, wonderfully produced images. Your vision is well executed. I was hoping to see more of your prints but the few you shared were amazing. Good luck with your show!

  2. Antonio Biagiotto, absolutely stunning work in every regard. Thanks for posting! We could all aspire to this quality, beauty and balance!