Registration opens for EXP.21, the world’s first experimental photography summer camp

Photography festivals are back in Barcelona this summer! Between July 21st and 25th, 2021, the EXP.21 festival counts with 80 workshops, 40 conferences, and 10 OFF activities carried out by 48 international artists and curators. As usual, the selection of artists follows strict gender equality and all the details of the festival’s economy can be consulted on its transparency webpage

EXP.21 is a festival organized by a non-profit cultural association aiming to create, promote and spread experimental photography in all its forms. They consider it essential to create an international community of artists who can support each other, recognize each other from an equality mindset and create shared projects. This association lives in permanent research of different expressions from a transdisciplinary perspective since they believe that photography is nourished by cinema, video, painting, architecture, music, sculpture, dance, and other artistic and social expressions.

The EXP.21 festival is the culmination of the annual work of a large number of artists who take advantage of this occasion to meet, share knowledge and create new projects. The International Festival of Experimental Photography is possible thanks to the support of the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and the Center Cívic Pati Llimona and the unceasing work of a team of 12 people and 50 volunteers. Every year, more than 300 international artists and photography lovers meet with the aim of creating a common space to share, learn and discuss experimental photography under its many facets: from the creation of cameras, optics, and films to the processes of printing, intervention, and production of copies, exhibitions, and photo-books. Among the organized activities, there are workshops, round-tables, conferences, project and experience presentations, collective laboratories of photographic projects, group and individual exhibitions, photographic outings, performances, and music.

On their website, you can already consult the 80 workshops taught by, among many others artists: Esteban Pastorino Diaz (Argentina) owner of a Guinness Record of photography to create the longest negative; Felicita Russo (Italy) specialist in light painting with Polaroid; the astronomer Maciej Zapiór (Czech Republic) with his analemmas; Nieves Mingueza (Spain-United Kingdom) and her collages; Carlos Erices Godoy (Chile) specialist in pinhole and historical processes; Lena Storjohann (Germany) with her surprising multiple exposures and film soups; Stig Marlon Weston (Norway) with his lumens, photograms and chemigrams; or Kate Woodward & David Sinden (United Kingdom) with their digital experimentation.

Registration for the festival is now open until the 300 tickets are sold out (and they already have 90 participants!). All those who seek to reflect on the future of photography or are tired of always seeing the same images will find their place in this festival.

~ Pablo

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Pablo Giori

I am a doctor in contemporary history, a specialist in the conservation and dissemination of photographic heritage, and co-director of EXP.21. I deeply believe in the need to change the world and that is why I consider myself as an unexpressed desires facilitator...

, and please make sure you also check out their website here.

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