Here’s a wrap-up of everything you may have missed on EMULSIVE in May 2018. With only one more day left in June, expect another one of these towards the middle of July!

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Cover: How I built my own darkroom for less than $500

How I built my darkroom for less than $500

“Oh sure, it may not look like much, but it’s going to be my new photo darkroom.”

I said this, with a touch of nostalgia, a bit of a whim, and the driving force of practicality around the return

Cover - Into the heart of SREDA Film Lab

Into the heart of SREDA Film Lab

Recently, my friend Lorraine Healy sent me Kosmo Foto’s article on some rather cool film packaging produced in Russia by SREDA (СРЕДА) Film Lab.

Cover - A new TETENAL product for (and from) the film community

A new TETENAL product for (and from) the film community?

The recent the opening of the SilvergrainClassics Studio/Lab in Germany gave Marwan El-Mozayen, editor-in-chief of PhotoKlassik International and co-owner of the lab the chance to organize an impressive meeting of the minds.

There was an opportunity to let company

Cover: Impossible-Polaroid Originals SX70 film review and user guide

Polaroid Originals SX-70 film review and user guide

If you want my Cliff notes on the Impossible/Polaroid Originals SX-70 Film – here they are:

It’s shit – but it’s the only shit we got.It’s useful today in a way the old stuff wasn’t back then.

Allow me

Featured project: Using film photography in album cover design - by Josh Doss

Film photography in album cover design

I discovered my love of film photography by accident. Being a collector, I have always frequented thrift stores for anything I could find of interest.

RANTS: Who really cares if ...XYZ did it first"?

Who really cares if …”XYZ did it first”?

As a photographer, there are certain words that when uttered, strike fear into my heart. “That’s an ND filter, not an IR filter”, is a pretty good example. In appropriate measure, fear can be a good thing.

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