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February was another busy month here on EMULSIVE. Doubly so given that it’s a few days short of the other 11.

The month saw a total of 36 articles and photos posted here and as usual, I’ve collected the most popular 10 articles (as decided by you), as well as everything else all in one place.


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How to make a TEXPan: shoot wide-format 35mm film in the Fuji GW690III rangefinder

XPan prices are certifiably insane and I recently picked up a Fuji GW690III Professional 6×9 rangefinder with one purpose in mind: converting it to shoot wide format 35mm film. Here’s my 2 minute 100% reversible hack that will take you 11 minutes to read. go figure.

Camera review: 30+ years with the Nikon FG-20

I’m not a huge fan of “one roll” camera reviews and Richard Kowalski was kind enough to step up with a review of his Nikon FG-20s from the other end of the scale. Read on to see what he thinks of his Japanese workhorses after over 30 years (on and off) of using them.

New in: CineStill “just add water” powdered developers and new improved film

CineStill knocked the ball out of the park with their new range of powdered developers. Regular readers will know what a huge fan I am of their Df96 monobath and how much I’ve been aching to try out their C-41 development kit. The new powdered versions of these developers are going to be a smash hit.

Appendix A of the Technical Field Guide for the Discerning Analog Photographer: push/pull processing calculations

David Allen isn’t just a pretty face and this article is here to prove it. Following a youth missspent learning ludocrisly complex mathematics, David shares with us his simplified approach to calculating push/pull processing times in Appendix A of his, “The Technical Field Guide for the Discerning Analog Photographer.

Introducing MAYA: the incredible modern digital darkroom timer

This is the future of darkroom printing and timers. An incredible effort from Can Cevik to relace his failing darkroom timer has resulted in the birth of an intuitive, extendable and modular platform for almost anything that needs to be accureately timed in the modern darkroom.

NEW TETENAL taking over operations and production from insolvent parent company

January’s news of Tetenal’s failed restructure and fall into administration was a huge blow for the community and even if you’re not using darkroom chemistry with their name on it, odds are that you’re using something they produce or something that relies on their capabilities. Word came to us this month that a management buy-out of the photochemistry division was successfull and that orders are being taken by “New Tetenal” this very minute.

Ice crystals on tintype: making nature a part of my photographic process aka a song of ice then fire

Justin Boruki is a music, celebrity and sports photographer for his day job but when he needs down time, he stalks the streets of NYC in his mobile pop-up tintype studio. I asked Justin to write about one particular winter’s day when one of his tintype plates froze after exposure and resulted in ice crystals forming on the emulsion.

The Wabi-Sabi rangefinder: Yasuhara 一式 T981 (Isshiki T981)

Howard Maryon-Davis takes a deep look at this tinkerer’s dream camera – a Leica Thread Mount rangefinder that was the vision of an ex-Kyocera worker who decided to build and sell his own camera.

No joke: 30%+ price increase on Fujifilm photographic film and paper from April 1st 2019

No one’s laughing at the news of Fuji’s imminent price rises, ranging from 10 to over 30% on photographic paper, disposable film cameras and film. Read on for full details.

Satisfying a 37 year dream… My first Nikon F3

Rounding off the most popular 10 articles from this month is Nick Orloff’s mini-review of his read camera – one that took 37 years to realise. It took him long enough, so dip in and find out what all the fuss was about.

…and then here’s everything in order of publication

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5 Frames …With FOQUS A125 (EI 125 / 35mm format / Nikon F60) – by Sergey V Popov

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