There are few things more enjoyable than a day at the beach with good company and a shining sun. I hope for these 5 images to convey that feeling of warmth both literally and figuratively.

During one of the trailing weeks of August, me and my group of friends decided to journey down from Delft to the Scheveningen Strand, one of the Netherlands’ most popular beaches. After recently arriving back in the Netherlands for my studies it was a nice return to normality after a summer of family travels.

Bringing along with me my Canon A-1 and one of my favourite prime lenses the 50mm FDn f/1.8. When I originally purchased the A-1 a few months ago it came with the 50mm as a kit lens, originally planning to replace my lack of budget at the time prevented me and I found myself growing to love the more restricted look of a 50mm. Unfortunately, the automatic mode aperture on the lens has failed thus I’ve been operating the A-1 fully manually, which feels like I’m missing much of its purpose as one of the first automatic exposure cameras.

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Of course, a bright sunny beach near sunset was the perfect environment to try some Kodak Portra 160 for the first time. Normally vying away from Portra I decided to splash out to preserve one of the last days of summer in the prettiest way possible. As always, the superb dynamic range of Portra really helped in capturing both the subjects and the brighter sky behind them this in combination with the sharp and contrasty colours produced some of my favourite images I’ve taken so far. Everything was shot at box speed with the film developed by Foto van der Graaf in Rotterdam and scanned on their Fuji Frontier SP-3000.

As the day slowly faded to sunset the light was perfect for me to begin shooting. Everyone that day seemed to be soaking in the warm aura of the last moments of sun and provided me with beautiful subjects in which to capture. The various structures that hung around provided me with some nice tools for framing and composition and really help give the characteristic beach look.

~ Bo

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  1. The town where I grew up. Like most towns, compared to 20-30 years ago it’s unrecognizable now! Thanks for bringing back memories.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It’s a beautiful town, I can only imagine how it must’ve been back then.