We all do things as photographers from time to time that make us look back and think “What was I thinking?”.

In January I was on a road trip with the family to see the stunning sunflowers in southern Queensland. I ran a poll on my Instagram to ask people which pre-exposed film I should use in my Olympus MJU II. Psych Blues bolted out of the gate, but the numbers rolled in for Yodica Antares, so at 5am the next morning I loaded it up and headed out.

I’d been wanting to try a pre-exposed film for some time. There’s as at least five companies adding colours and special effects to existing films, and I was keen to support them and have some fun. What I like about the Yodica films is that the colours you see on the packaging are the same as the colours pre-exposed onto the film.

A couple of weeks later, I got four rolls of C41 film developed. As I held the negatives up to the light outside the camera lab, it was pretty easy to spot the Yodica roll!

When I scanned the images, I was pretty happy. I captured one of my favourite ever images of my daughter, some lovely sunflower shots, and some other cool shots of railway tracks and buildings in southern Queensland. On some images, the colour effects were quite subtle, and on a handful, they were non-existent.

My new film photography podcast Matt Loves Cameras features mostly reviews of film cameras and instant cameras, but in Episode 7 I reviewed Yodica Antares. After I published the show notes, a listener named Jennyfer left a comment.  She liked the images, but she then reminded me that Yodica films have no DX code, and in the absence of a DX code, the Olympus MJU II rates films at EI 100.

Yes readers, I’d overexposed the images by two stops, thus minimising, or in the case of some frames, completely removing any pre-exposed colour effects. I had a good chuckle, still not believing what I’d done. Maybe it was the early start, or maybe I’d been confused as Psych Blues has a DX code. Either way, I did enjoy shooting Yodica Antares, and I have another Yodica film on the way. Let’s hope next time I remember to remove the sticker and expose the DX code. 

~ Matt

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