Psychedelic Blues Film is a line of experimental rolls of Kodak Ultra Max hand-fogged by photographer Dustin Adams and sold through his online shop. Each batch is unique and every roll contains an element of unpredictability. I’ve tried rolls from multiple batches by now, but the shots below are from my first attempt with batch number two that I shot on a road trip to Paris, Texas, last summer.

This particular batch was fogged to create a red/orange fade from the top of the negative, a green fade from the bottom, and a prism burst around frame 12. I love the unpredictability of expired and experimental film, so I was excited to pair that element with the spontaneity of a relatively unplanned road trip.

The original reason I stopped in Paris was for another experiment where I shot a roll of film in Paris, Texas, and then shot over that same roll in Paris, France, but of course, I brought along multiple cameras and film, including this one. I stayed at the Old Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast during my brief stay there and the inn’s manager put me in touch with some locals who served as models for the photos.

I decided to use my basic, but dependable, Canon AE-1 for its ease of double exposures and its unobtrusive body, ideal for street photography, and I made sure to test out the film on a variety of subjects, including people, roadsides, animals, and plants. Once I returned to North Carolina, where I was living at the time, I developed and scanned the film and I was happy with the results. The fogging added a vibrant warmth to everything it captured and made even mundane subject matter interesting.

I’ve since used multiple rolls of Psychedelic Blues during my months-long travels around Europe last year, some of which leave orbs of color on the images and others that create streaks of light, and it’s become one of my favorite films to use in just about any environment.

~ Hannah

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