On the same day that EM put my 5 Frames with Kosmo Foto Mono 100 with my Hasselblad 500CM I picked up some negatives from the lab I use in Bangkok and took them home for scanning. The first two rolls were also Kosmo Foto Mono 100: one from my Agfa Record III, and the other taken with the Voigtländer Perkeo I bought around the same time along with a third bellows camera. I discussed these some months back.

Of the three, I prefer the Record III because of its 6×9 output. I carry this in my bag most days; but a compelling attraction of the Voigtländer Perkeo is that it is one of the few medium format cameras that fits in the pocket. I had this camera with me when I visited a friend in Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital. As this is beside the river, I used a river bus for part of my journey home.

The Chaophraya River is a major transport link for the city and for commerce from the provinces, with a major international port at Klongtoey. As well as local ferries, there are several boat services up and down the river. Late-night dining beside the river or on boats is enjoyable.

The Pran Nok Pier at Siriraj is now tightly controlled: only a certain number of people are allowed onto the floating part of the jetty. This follows an accident here in 1995 when the overloaded jetty overturned and several were drowned. While most of those waiting were heading out towards Nonthaburi (popular with tourists), I was heading into the city, to Sathorn Bridge. I would change to the BTS train there for home.

The river and its banks are active 24 hours a day. Although some markets have now gone, there is still much to see. I chose not to sit and stood near the back on the left side. My view was mainly of the south bank with some wider views behind as the boat crossed back and forth.

I am quite fond of the Kosmo Foto Mono Film and with the output from my Hasselblad, the Agfa and now the Voigtländer, apart from my own shooting errors, I am pleased with the output I have from this film.

~ Graham

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