Photography for me is used to capture the things I like and to provide a welcome distraction from the comings and going of modern life. In a nutshell, it relaxes me. This is especially true of analogue photography where the human/machine interface is (generally) much simpler than a digital device.

When I travel a camera always goes with me, in this case, my Nikon F3/T with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI-S lens. It was alresdy loaded with a roll of Kosmo Foto mono 100 which I had already used at four separate locations: two in the UK, one in Germany, one in Poland, which is where this article comes in! With a 100 speed film, I was quite selective about what I took a shot of hence why it took four locations to finish the roll!

For this role of Kosmo, incidentally a stock I had never shot with before, I started the roll near my house in Bedfordshire in the UK while on a walk on a Sunday afternoon. I wandered into the cemetery to photograph the gravestones, some of which are very old and really show it, making for a detailed and texture photo which the Kosmo shows at its best.

Next, I ventured to Poland with work to the city of Poznan, I spent most of my time with my OM-1 and colour film but thought that a photo with the nice message left by the staff in mono would be worth it.

On my return home I ventured into London and stopped at Borough Market. If you have never been, check it out, it’s a great place for street work! The glass panels in the roof of this Victorian market allow plenty of light in to highlight the architecture. I also loved the perspective along the fence line with the bike lock.

Finally, I spent the following weekend in Berlin, another photographic gem that has some real grit to it. At the end of our trip, we visited the Reichstag Dome and I photographed my wife Jessica and our friend Amy lying back and shooting the roof. It is completely candid and, in my opinion, the best shot on the roll.

Overall, I was very impressed with Kosmo, it has a very fine grain. Long may the variation of films we now have continue!

~ Lewis


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