Before I actually start writing about the film I want to make a disclaimer which some of you may think is unnecessary, however I do not want to hurt any feelings and that’s why I want to make clear that everything I will write about Ektar is purely subjective and based on my experience or actually the lack of it, using this film.

I wanted to give Kodak Ektar 100 a try, not that something is wrong with the film but its reddish colour cast kept me away from it.Before I decided to buy a roll again I wanted to read about Ektar to know what kind of light conditions suit it better, its strengths and weaknesses.

Most of reviewers agreed with the fact that Ektar “loves light”, that it has a kind of “slide film character”, which I do not agree with, some even stated it is fairly usable for portraits given the model has a certain skin colour (?)

I went for a short holiday to the Algarve in south Portugal. Since I knew the place already and it colours, I thought it was a good opportunity to take a roll of Ektar with me for some landscape photography and maybe some portraits under direct sunlight.

One morning I found myself trying to decide which film to load into the Yashica-Mat LM, and after taking a look at deep-blue sky of Lagos I decided it was the right time for the Ektar.

For this “5 Frames With…” I decided I would not colour correct the images; however I would have to compensate the flatness of the scan and the low contrast caused by the old lens of the Yashica.

The photo of the white building with the green door was the first frame of the roll and after I saw it I felt my observation about the reddish cast was confirmed. I have to say that the scans are fairly flat and that is why dialed the saturation up a bit.

For the other shots I darkened the blues a bit and increased the saturation. The scans look technically very good to me however as I said before a little flat, which is a good thing for me since a can tweak the images to my taste.

From this roll I cannot conclude if do like the film or not, sure is it will be not the last one I shoot.

~ Damián

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