I just bought a few rolls of fresh film at my local camera shop, Downtown Camera and they had a special on ILFORD. I decided to stroll around my neighborhood and enjoy the day with my camera in-hand, ready to go.

This is my second time shooting black and white film and I was quite surprised with how well these came out. I feel that I rely on color to bring out the best in my photography, however, I love to shoot black and white to challenge myself and learn from my experiences. Having shades of grey to illustrate a photo is just as much fun as having a full array of colors.

I worked casually with digital cameras for the first few years of this hobby but made the – more or less complete – switch to film when I bought a $10 Minolta at a sale shop. I genuinely fell in love with photography at that moment. From then on, I had different types of film cameras and all were great to work with.

I was gifted this camera (Canon Sure Shot Z90W) on my birthday from my boyfriend. It is modern compared to other film cameras I own but its something that I have been searching for: compact, user-friendly controls/adjustments, and 5 different imprints (a few of which are shown in these photos).

As all hobbyists understand, I was at a creative block. These frames are more casual and I was hoping that maybe something will spark to get the ‘creative juices flowing’. The “Congratulations” piece did just that. The main art piece is beautiful, colorful art of a happy man in daylight and the sky complimented the piece so well. Since I shot in black and white, these details cannot be displayed. However, this photograph still illustrates a charming man wondering at a matching sky, all saying congratulations to the shades that blended so well together.

~ Jayne

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  1. Great images. I’ve just gone the other way for a short excursion into colour and processing at home with the Bellini C41 kit from Nik&Trick here in the UK.

    If you have, and it sounds like you do, this particular film emulsion is sensitive to IR light and can be used with a Deep Red filter for interesting effects.

    It’s all part of the experience.