I know the drummer of the Danish heavy metal band Bethmoora. In October 2019 they were performing at the legendary concert venue Loppen in the Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Freetown Christiania is an interesting part of Copenhagen, which consist of former military barracks. The barracks was abandoned in 1967 and occupied in 1971 and turned into an intentional community in the spirit of anarchism and the hippie movement. Since then Christiania has the source of many controversies

While I like music, I am not into heavy metal. Out of curiosity, I wanted to go to the concert. Of course, I wanted to get some images from the concert. I expected that the light was going to be low, so I thought it was a good chance to try ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional film. I had a couple of rolls in the fridge, but I had never used it before. I also figured that my fantastic Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM lens could be used for closeup shots of the band in the low light conditions.

Manual exposure and spot metering almost always is the way I work, and that worked fine in these challenging condition. The film was exposed at EI 3200, the lens was wide open at f/2.0 and the shutter speed was mostly around 1/40s. The image stabilizer was a great help even though it does not freeze movement. Sometimes the autofocus system of the Canon 1V HS was struggling in the low and rapidly changing light, so manual focus override was used when the autofocus failed.

I was very pleased the grain of the Delta 3200 is clearly visible in a very pleasant way which I think suits this kind of images extremely well. It gives the images a rough edge which supports the atmosphere of the concert. The film handled the difficult lighting conditions better than I had hoped for.

Since the concert I have used the ILFORD Delta 3200 multiple times and I am really pleased with its expression and ability to capture high contrast scenes.

The Delta 3200 was developed in ILFORD DD-X 1+4 and scanned on a Nikon Coolscan ED 5000.

~ Mogens

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Mogens Hansen

I am a 54 year old software engineer, who has been photographing almost all my life. Since 2014 I have been more analog photography again, besides using full frame DSLR and medium format digital cameras. I like to do sport, landscape, portrait and abstract...


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  1. Superb scene photos. Ilford Delta 3200 film is stunning in low light. Its grain is exceptional. I much prefer this film to its Kodak competitor in TMAX P3200.

  2. Hi, Mogens Hansen
    i also like the Delta 3200 for its versatility during dark such as winter oraz indoors at night. Some time last month i’ve tried developing it in Microphen 1+0 and i was amazed with how fine the grain size is. Compared to HC-110 the 10×15 prints looks like it’s from ISO 400 film not the 3200.

  3. I wish I had discovered photography when I was younger and seeing bands. The kids nowadays just use a smartphone and send to Instagram but years ago we never had such luxury! Your shots came out well and you got to see a real love band! Two of my pleasures one from a miss spent youth and one from an old age hobby!

  4. Nice shots, have a 1V but not the HS version, amazing camera. I do take surf shots and I love how I can get my eye in with the 5D and 600mm and then just switch the lens to the 1V. Thanks for sharing.