Hearing good things about FujiFilm Fujicolor Pro 400H, I thought I’d get involved. I’d be using the camera body of Canon EOS 1000FN, which was big in the early ’90s. The camera seems sturdy and reliable, I tend to overexpose by one stop, as I think the light meter may have deteriorated over the past 30 years.

I used the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens mainly shooting at 1/125. I find 50mm perfect for portraits as well as being a good all-rounder. Being a prime lens it can be a challenge, my feet become the focus. The bokeh is also nice and smooth but it’s not a major part of my work.

I wasn’t shooting anything in particular, it would just be the film in my camera that I will take to different places when and where I go. Having a few different cameras means I often have different films on the go at the same time so to shoot a full roll can take some time. This current film had been in my camera for over 6 months, I like to take my time shooting film.

The photos came out great, some colours really stood out and some were more subtle in their vibrancy, both appealing on the eye. I liked the soft tones and low levels of noise that the film produced. Previous reviews of the 400h mentioned how well the film rendered the greens, in my opinion, it renders all colours very well. Shooting at EI 200 gave the shots a likeable level of colour saturation. I shot quite a few portraits and all showed soft skin tones.

Overall I was more than happy with the results I would definitely shoot this film again. I would use it to shoot landscapes and I may put the camera to EI 100. Negative Feedback (YouTube) channel recently reviewed a number of films and put this film at ‘Amazing’ which was one down from their highest ‘God’ level. I’d probably agree. It’s not the cheapest film out there but I can see why people go for it.

~ Adam

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