I’ve been shooting 35mm and medium format film for a quite a while and was never really interested in instant film. But last summer I found out about pack film. It was so different from what I’ve seen before, sharpness and color accuracy – it was all there.

Unfortunately, I was too late, the last film (Fuji FP-100C) was discontinued shortly before I found out about it. I was lucky enough to get hold of a few packs and some months later, whilst thrifting I found a Polaroid model 340 Automatic Land Camera to use.

I was super excited to shoot the film because I didn’t want to waste it just for the sake of it, so I figured my upcoming trip around Iceland was a perfect opportunity to test it out. The first few shots didn’t go well but eventually, I got the hang of it and quickly fell in love with both the camera and film. The Polaroid Land Model 340 is a chunky automatic folder with a very nice and bright viewfinder and coupled rangefinder. 

The whole shooting processes unbelievably cool: first you set up a timer and wait for 3 to 5-minutes (depending on the temperature outside) for the film to develop, then you separate the negative and positive parts you’re instantly faced with the issue of where to put your negative since it is covered in a gooey substance. Icelandic wind does not make this any easier and you may end up having the negative blown into your face!

Finally you get to see the final image – and that’s quite an experience:

This one pack of film changed my perspective on the whole concept of instant photography. In fact, it is my favourite medium and as of right now and I’ve shot through tons of packs and Polaroid integral film.

~ Yevgeny

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Avatar - Yevgeny Dyer

Yevgeny Dyer

I'm 22 y.o. amateur analog photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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  1. Nice work Yevgeny. It’s such a shame that that this format of all instant film types hasn’t been commercially revived.

  2. Excellent idea! I was ‘gifted’ a similar Polaroid camera by a neighbor that was moving. Never thought of doing a 5-Frames………

  3. Yevgeny,
    Thank you for the article and wonderful images! I too love the Land Cameras and enjoy the whole process of instant film they provide.