A month ago my trip unfortunately cut short thanks to our current pandemic situation. Days later I came down with my personal cocktail of symptoms so I’m glad I returned early. If I’m going to be stuck in quarantine it better be at home where all the film is and not stuck in a small apartment in a big city thousands of kilometers away.

I’ve had a roll of ILFORD’s Delta 3200 Professional sitting around for a while, but since most of my work is landscape or street stuff it’s been waiting patiently in the freezer for it’s time to shine. Facing weeks of indoor photography I popped the roll into my Minolta SRT 201 and set about chasing light in my living room.

With my whole lens arsenal available to me I chose whatever I thought best suited to the shot. Mostly worked with an older style MC 55/1.7, the later model MC 50/1.7, and the latest model MD 50/2. There were a few shots on my MC 24/2.8 as well but that was a composition challenge worsened by the mess and clutter of a constantly occupied home with hobbies on the go.

It was a lot fun trying to simply capture the mundane shown in a beautiful light, having a beer fueled impromptu portrait shoot at 2am, or just ambushing my girlfriend whenever she passed by a window. At least half the shots turned out interesting enough that I’d call keepers, so it was tough narrowing it down to five.

I found the film to be not at all what I expected. Yes it has lots of grain, but it’s actually quite pleasant. It developed nicely in EcoPro at 1:1 and dried nearly flat. It was surprisingly competent in bright sunlit or overcast outside days. I appreciated the greater depth of field and sharper apertures shooting handheld in poor light rather than trying to shoot at 1/30 and not breathe.

I don’t see it becoming a go-to stock for me, but I’ll definitely grab a few rolls and keep it handy for a night photo walks or any indoor gatherings.

~ Chris

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