5 Frames… From my wedding day, just before I got married (ILFORD FP4 PLUS / 35mm Format / EI 125 / Canon 3000N + Canon 35-80mm f/4-5.6) – by Matheus de Souza

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The year 2020 started with a lot of expectations, after all, we had been waiting for 7 years and finally, at the end of the year, our wedding would happen. The year started with a lot of preparations for the ceremony, reception party, and photographic ideas. As a photography enthusiast, I wanted to do something special with analog photography and capture the day from my perspective as the groom.

My first question was about which film to choose. I wanted to manage the entire process, including development. After thinking about it, I decided on ILFORD FP4 PLUS black and white film, which during my research seemed the most appropriate for a wedding but was also one I had never used because it has a high price in Brazil.

With the film selected, I decided on my Canon 3000N (also known as the EOS Rebel XS N and EOS 66) and 35-80mm f/4-5.6 lens to shoot it with. This was in an attempt to find the safest option for recording the wedding (through my eyes), with the other options being an Olympus Pen EES and some automatic P&S cameras.

With the camera and film set, all that was left to cheer for COVID-19 to be over, which of course did not happen as we expected. The result was many cuts and a change to a small ceremony, only with the most intimate of friends. Everything went well — it was wonderful, in fact — we had a lot of fun and I was able to take some pictures of my own wedding.

Two rolls of ILFORD FP4 PLUS were burned, one in the rehearsal during the night (some photos were too dark) and another during the wedding and the party which followed, that was held outside during a beautiful sunny day.

The photos you can see here are of the wedding before the ceremony starts and gives a party, and were taken in a situation of strong sunlight outdoors.

I hope you like it, I hope to contribute more in the future and if you want to see more you can get in touch via @mattuta or @ofotograma.

Big hugs,

~ Matheus

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