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Author: Erik Gould

Camera review: Me and my TRASHcam (DIY Pinhole Project) – Erik Gould

I’d like to introduce you to Grouchy the TRASHcam. Grouchy began life as a standard steel trash can from Home Depot but it wasn’t long before it became obvious to me that Grouchy had character and was too good for normal trash duties. So, after a bit of planning, I set about giving him a start in life normally reserved for those Ivy League wine boxes. Grouchy was to become a Trashcan Camera, or TrashCam. I began by customizing him with a coat or two of new interior paint (black, naturally). Next came three handmade artisanal pinhole apertures, approximately f/500...

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A paean to Ilford Pan F+ or: There’s something about slow film

Sub 100 ISO films… There’s mystique about them; smooth, finely grained, challenging. Something for the true pros and “serious types”. They seem to take on a legendary status among photographers. I’ve had the chance to shoot with some of these legends: Agfapan 25, Kodachrome 25, Panatomic X, Efke 25 and the great Ektar 25 color negative film. There is one film that belongs in this group that has at least one big advantage over all the rest, Ilford Pan F+. Unlike the others, this film is still in production and readily available.   Anything but a fleeting romance I’ve...

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