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Oly travel twins: The Olympus Trip 35 vs the Olympus XA2...

Both these little cameras get a lot of love and I think they deserve it.

5 Frames With… ILFORD FP4 PLUS (35MM / EI 125/ Olympus...

I have owned my Olympus Trip for several decades but have never taken it seriously, until lately.

5 Frames With… Bergger BRF 400 Plus (35mm / EI 400...

Last summer I returned to Scotland for the second time in my life. I still keep the negatives of my first time (1985), some irregular Kodak Tri-X rolls but with some great images.

EMULSIVE interview #161: I am Ante Prskalo and this is why...

I'm very pleased to be able to bring you the words and pictures of Ante Prskalo, previous contributor to EMULSIVE and dabbler in strange things with Rodinal. Over to you, Ante!     Hi Ante, what's this picture, then? AP

My Return to Film: Steven J Parkes

My return to film was not a definite decision I made one day, but more of an evolvement of my feeling towards photography.

EMULSIVE interview #7: I am Lee Fennings and this is why...

This week I'm sitting down with Lee Fennings, a UK-based digital shooter, now just starting to shoot 35mm with his beautiful reconditioned Olympus Trip 35. Lee's a rather strange beast as far as digital street photographers go;

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