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Film-to-go: an analog photography travel kit guide

This article is mostly made for photographers who are currently setting up their analog travel equipment. Experienced photographers will most likely already...

EMULSIVE’s most popular film camera reviews of 2018

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!

5 Frames With….Kodak EKTACHROME Infrared EIR (35mm / EI 200 /...

I've have had a roll of Kodak EKTACHROME Infrared EIR in my fridge for a year or so now.  For those of you that don’t know this is a colour Infrared slide film (E6 processing, #SayNoToXPRO).

Camera review: the Olympus OM-1N

The Olympus OM-1 was introduced in 1973 and was originally launched as the M-1, which relatively quickly had to be changed to the OM-1 as Leica felt it was too close to their M series.  According to Olympus, it

EMULSIVE interview #62: I am Sandeep Sumal and this is why...

It's that time again and today we're very proud to bring you not only the work and words of Sandeep Sumal, AKA Twitter's @givemeabiscuit, but also a slight change to the questions we're asking in these interviews.