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Film tests - Getting the best out of Ferrania P30 Alpha part 1

Film tests: getting the best out of FERRANIA P30 Alpha part 1 – by Scott Micciche

FERRANIA P30 Alpha has had an interesting time of it since it got into the hands of eager customers in late 2017.  Many photographers (including yours truly) have questioned everything from its true speed to the nature of the emulsion

Cover - Ferrania P30 review pt1

Film stock review: FERRANIA P30® ALPHA Part 1 – 35mm EI 80 (bracketed +/- 1 stop + filter tests) – Rodinal semi-stand

UPDATE: Scott Micciche has published part one of his extensive FERRANIA P30 tests. A best practices guide showing results from six developers in eight development schemes.

This article forms part one of a multi-part review series.