Say hello to the final piece of Negative Supply’s “Basic” family of film scanning puzzle, the Basic Film Carrier 120 for medium format film available now for US$199 from Negative Supply’s online store.

When Negative Supply first burst onto the market via Kickstarter in the second half of the 2019, it was obvious that they were aiming at a higher-end/lab side of the film photography market than had previously catered for. Now, a little over two years later and the company has film holders that cover 35mm, 120, 4×5, and 8×10, as well as a series of compatible scanning guides, stands, and light sources. They even have a “curated” service for buying ready-to-go setups and introduced their LM1 light meter just earlier this year.

At a more entry-level price point, they also have the aforementioned “Basic” range of film holders, light sources, risers, and masks, which is where this new Basic Film Carrier 120 fits in.

This new offering, along with the rest of the Basic line, still focuses on the quality aspect of the firm’s earlier products but aims for a lower price point to encourage those not quite ready to jump in with their pro kit to give it a try.

The Basic Film Carrier 120, like its more expensive but differently manufactured cousin, can be used for scanning already cut strips or full rolls of 120/220 film quickly, easily, and affordably — the biggest difference between the two is the materials used: carbon fiber composite housing with a tolex-wrapped exterior for the “Basic” vs machined aluminum for the standard version.

The Basic Film Carrier 120 is a simplified version of their standard Film Carrier 120. As noted above, it features a carbon fiber composite housing with a tolex-wrapped exterior, similar to those of the Basic Film Carrier 35 and 4×5 Light Source Basic, but also features a magnetic hinge mechanism inspired by its more expensive counterpart.

Negative Supply says the film holder keeps the film “perfectly flat with our unique magnetic hinged clamping design”, and allows users to scan a full-length roll of film in as little as 60 seconds.

“We aimed to introduce a tool that photographers would love using as much as their medium format film cameras. By making this device easy to use, robustly built, and affordable while guaranteeing sharp results, we’re confident we’ve done just that.”

~ AJ Holmes, Co-founder & COO

Key features of the Basic Film Carrier 120:

  • Scan cut strips or full rolls of 120 film
  • Scans up to 6x9cm film in a single capture
  • Scan 6x12cm or larger film in two captures to easily scan panoramic formats
  • Scan full rolls in 60 seconds or less
  • Keeps film perfectly flat
  • Works with the Basic Riser MK1 and 4×5 Light Source Basic

The Basic Film Carrier 120 for medium format film available now for US$199 from Negative Supply’s online store right now.

~ EM

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  1. I use a much cheaper solution: the film holder of the Epson V750 scanner, you get it for about 20€
    I also have the holder for 4×5 and for 135mm,
    just put it over a tablet with a wite screen, I use the Kaiser Slimlite Plano
    stop the lens down to f/11 and get perfect images