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Author: Paul Margolis

A War Without Blood and Gore by Paul Margolis

The title of my project, A War Without Blood and Gore, comes from a line in a Vietnam War-era protest song by the American singer-songwriter Phil Ochs entitled “Draft Dodger Rag”. It goes: “If they ever give a war without blood and gore, I’ll be the first to go.” I photographed World War II reenactors at events organized for the public in 2014 and 2015, as well as aboard a restored 1944 Liberty Ship wartime freighter – a time frame that roughly paralleled the 70th anniversary of the last year of the war. They used as many authentic period...

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Theater of the Everyday: Photographs by Paul Margolis

Manhattan often seems like a stage where performers and exhibitionists of all varieties put on a non-stop show. I started documenting these “performers” in 2008, as the U.S. slid into a recession. I needed something to distract myself from the increasingly grim economic news, so I began to seek out small-venue circus acts, magicians and clowns to photograph. After a few months of photographing organized performances, I started to see theater everywhere: in the streets, in public spaces, in the subway, at festivals where people showed off costumes, in Times Square, at political demonstrations…the spectacle was endless. I worked...

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