Author: Dave Varo

I suppose I’m a born again photographer, having come back to the art about 10 years ago after a gap of around 25 years. I use both digital and analogue media, as I think both have their uses. I also develop all my own black and white film, and also print black and white in the darkroom, as I don’t think that digital black and white prints have the same quality as silver gelatin ones. I think I’ve got a bad case of GAS, as in the last two years since I started using film I’ve amassed 11 cameras, from 35mm through to 5x4.

Camera review: the Rolleiflex SL66 – by Dave Varo

Mention 6x6cm medium format film cameras to a photographer and most will immediately think Hasselblad. Mention Rolleiflex to the same group and they will almost certainly think of the well-respected range of twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras.