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2017 travelogue retrospective: part 2 – Europe and beyond – by Fabian Schmid2017 travelogue retrospective: part 2 – Europe and beyond – by Fabian Schmid

2017 travelogue retrospective: part 2 – Europe and beyond – by Fabian Schmid

Welcome to part two of my 2017 travelogue retrospective. In part one, I promised I’d be back with photos from Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Vietnam and maybe more. Well, here I am and that “maybe more” translates to Germany, Thailand and the United States.

Despite my intention to spend more time in Switzerland, I still did travel a bit, both for work and for leisure and both in Switzerland and abroad.

Here’s the full list of my travels for the latter half of 2017:



Copenhagen, Denmark

I spent two full weeks in the expensive Danish capital. I attended a training camp the first week with some friends and we rented a nice house. My friends left and I was joined by my girlfriend. The second week meant spending a ton of money eating and drinking out.

It was delicious.


Oeschinensee, Switzerland

The first of a few short hikes we did last summer was a very beautiful one at Oeschinensee. I had been there a couple of times with my family many years ago and was happy to finally go back. It wasn’t too crowded yet, warm enough to take a dip in the cold water, cold enough to get out again after a few seconds.


Grindelwald First, Switzerland

This was another short hike in the Bernese Alps at Grindelwald First, although it was more of a stroll than a proper hike. We shared the path with cows and many Chinese tourists. The weather wasn’t great but we made it to the nearby lake and back before the rain started. And the views were fantastic.


Friedrichshafen, Germany

Before the summer ended, my mother invited our family (no, not the monkeys) to a weekend at Lake Constance, where we spent two laid-back days, not doing much more than eating and going for a walk here and there.




Torroella de Montgrí & Barcelona, Spain

Traveling Light›, the Film Photography Gathering was taking place in the Catalonian Torroella de Montgrí, a beautiful, peaceful village about two hours from Barcelona. It brought together an impressive number of world-class photographers and probably even more antique cameras. The speakers were incredibly inspiring and so was talking to all those other attending film photographers.

I can’t wait to go back this year. Before and after the conference, I also spent some hours in Barcelona and took some pictures.



I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam again last November for a client I had previously worked with. We spent two weeks shooting video footage in various places throughout the country. The trip took us to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hoi An and Da Nang. Despite long hours every day, I managed to also shoot some film.


Bangkok, Thailand

We had a very short and a somewhat longer, about 20 hour-long stop-over in Bangkok flying to Vietnam and back. This meant a ride from the airport to the hotel, delicious Thai food for dinner, a good night’s sleep and a ride back to the airport. But even if it’s just for a night, Bangkok is a great place to visit. These two are all the photos I took.


New York City, United States

We spent the last two days of 2017 and the first day of 2018 eating and drinking in Brooklyn and had a wonderful New Year’s Eve at Evelina, before we flew down to Colombia to continue our 3.5-month trip. Since it was like a million degrees below zero and we didn’t even have proper clothing for normal winter temperatures because we wouldn’t carry those winter coats to all those hot and humid places we were going to spend the next four months at, I didn’t bother taking any pictures. So please excuse me for including some older work from NYC here.


I think I achieved the goals that I set for 2017: I was more selective of the things I did, worked a little less and planned my work better. I might even have travelled a little less, and I did travel more within Switzerland. I was on 19 flights (compared to 28 the year before), in 9 countries (13) and spent about 7 weeks abroad (4 months).

As mentioned earlier, extensive travels followed in early 2018. Writing this, I just got back from 3.5 months of travels through Colombia, Mexico, Hawaii, and some other parts of the US and trips to Sweden and Japan are already lined up within the next two months. Visit my blog to follow my travels and for more photos of each of the above trips and subscribe to get notified of new posts (don’t worry, I don’t post very often and you won’t get any other emails from me) – and maybe there will also be a 2018 Travelogue.

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Thanks for reading.

~ Fabian


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