The Hypersensitive Podcast Episode 05: Holiday Hugs

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I took a short holiday to rest my weary soul and as fate would have it, bumped into Hamish in a pub in London. Although you will probably have to wait until we’re dead before English Heritage mount a Blue Plaque on the frontage, eagle-eyed readers might have already figured out where we were.

Advance warning: adult beverages were consumed prior to and during recording but both of us, so expect my usual levels of rambling to be through the roof on this one. Perhaps I should stick to the written word.

If you can get past the first 9 minutes, Hamish and I talk about the concept of “best” cameras (again), rangefinder cameras (again) and the danger of going over the same topics (again). Also, we miss you Karl.

As always, please leave your suggestions for next month’s topics in the comment’s section below and in case you’ve forgotten, the key for assigning blame here is as follows:

  • If you enjoyed it, it’s because it was my idea.
  • If you hated it, it’s because Hamish roped me into doing it.

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~ EM (and Hamish)

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