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Competition time – #PrintItForwardCompetition time – #PrintItForward

Competition time – #PrintItForward

#PrintItForward Competition

#PrintItForward Competition

Sometimes things just time themselves perfectly.

I don’t think we share enough of our printed photos. There are too many pixels flying about, which unfortunately don’t come close to the depth of a print. Anyway, back to the idea.

A few weeks ago Mike Fraser made the kind gesture of offering a few freebie prints up on Twitter. I suggested he play a little game and send prints to three people, who in turn send three prints to thee people and so on – in the style of the motion picture, Pay It Forward and jokingly called it #PrintItForward.


Around the same time, I was working with Shawn Mozmode to finalize his #EMULSIVE interview and he mentioned that he’d made a few prints and wanted to give them away as part of the piece.

Lightbulb moment.

So here we are. To celebrate Shawn’s interview, we’re giving away three of his prints to winners of a competition detailed below.

The rules are simple. Read his interview and take, or submit a self portrait (somewhat) in keeping with his style. It’s really that simple. Oh, and you have to commit to giving away three prints of your own. They can all be the same, or they can be different, it’s entirely up to you as long as they’re given to three different people.

…of course, if you win, you could take the print and never send anything out but that’s not very nice and you’d be sullying the good name of EMULSIVE, Shawn, the panel of judges and of course, yourself. Don’t be that person.

To take part, simply take a shot (on film), get it developed and scanned, and then post it on Twitter using the hashtag #PrintItForward and tag @EMULSIVEfilm. You can also submit a photo taken any time within the past 12 months. Please also add details of the film and exposure, just make sure it’s a directly posted image and not a link to your website, or Flickr etc.

The competition is open from today until February 29th 2016. That gives you a month to get yourself sorted. Once doors have closed, myself, Shawn and a panel of esteemed judges will confer on the winner. Speaking of Shawn and the panel, here they are:


Shawn Mozmode: Robot in Disguise


Craig Pindell: Selfie Mage Lvl 99

Craig Pindell

The now legendary 8×10 selfie
Craig’s EMULSIVE interview
Craig on Twitter


Jonas Lundström: Creative Maniac™

Along with the three main winners, we’ll also be selecting three runners up, who will receive prints from myself, Jonas and Craig.

Here’s a little recap :


  • Entries will be accepted from Jan 28th 2016 to Feb 29th 2016.
  • Winners and runners-up will be announced on March 12th 2016.
  • All photos will be published here on EMULSIVE and credit will be given to each photographer featured.


How to enter

  • Post your image on Twitter using the hashtag #PrintItForward  and tag @EMULSIVEfilm.
  • Make sure that the picture you submit was taken within the last 12 months and shot on film.
  • Make a note of the film and camera you used.
  • Leave a comment below so that we all know you read and understand the rules!


Up for grabs

  • Winner: One large print for one lucky winner.
  • Second place: Two smaller prints (one each) for two lucky silver medalists.
  • Runners-up: Three prints (one each) from EMULSIVE, Jonas and Craig.


Naturally, these “rules” might be subject to modification on a whim but will most likely be in the favour of participants.

Please go ahead and share this wherever you live online – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, (dare I say it), MySpace…wherever.

That’s it! Get shooting, developing, scanning and posting.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

PS. The cover images used for this article is for display purposes only and doesn’t represent the final prizes!


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Self confessed film-freak and film photography mad-obsessive and OVERLORD at I push, pull, shoot, boil and burn film everyday, and I want to share what I learn.


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  1. Bill sees this contest.
    Bill decides to join as anything getting people to make more prints is a good thing.
    Bill is smart.
    Be like Bill.



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