For the past year or so I haven’t felt particularly creative photographically and on a number of occasions felt like packing it in altogether. However, I still enjoy photography, even though I do very little these day; and I still like to be involved the photography community. I still have a need to be creative, even if it’s not using the medium of photography.

I read something a while ago, I can’t remember where, that creativity isn’t always about art, you can be creative in other things too. I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years and been a programmer for about 17 and I come up with creative solutions to problems all the time in my day job. Late last year I decided I wanted to combine my creative skills in programming with my interest in photography.

I’m not an especially sociable person, but I do like to occasionally meet up with other photographers to chat about photography and cameras. A good way of doing this is through photo walks. I’ve been to both photo walks organized by others and a photo walk I’ve organized. It occurred to me that it would be good if there was a single place to go find photo walks, so I came up with the idea for PhotoWalk.Me.

PhotoWalk.Me is a website that I’ve been putting together for the past few months and due to be launched on 23rd February 2018. It is designed to be a platform for the photographic community to organize and sign-up to free photo walks all over the world. Once launched, a photographer may sign up for an account using either their email address, or using a social media login. They can then search for photo walks that have been organized by others or create their own photo walk.

Organizing a photo walk is as easy as deciding on a date, a time and a place to meet. Enter this information into an online form and submit. This will generate a link that can be shared on websites and social media and allow other people to sign up. The walk will also appear in searches on the site and on the interactive map.

The organizer will receive notifications when people sign up allowing them to keep track of who is going and be able to provide them with updates.

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In the future I will be adding more features, such as groups and events. I’ll also be open to feature requests to make the platform better.

The PhotoWalk.Me, website is currently live and accepting notification subscriptions, so if you visit it today and enter your address, you’ll be sent an email when it’s all live.

I’d like to have some photo walks on the site at launch, so if anyone reading this is planning on organizing a photo walk and would like access before launch contact me at any of the links below:

Looking forward to seeing you there.

~ Martin Smith



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