PhotoKlassik International is back on Kickstarter shooting for a late September 2018 launch at this year’s Photokina. Brought to you by the German PhotoKlassik team, 2018’s crowdfunding campaign brings with it a new approach and updated international model

I caught up with Marwan El-Mozayen, editor-in-chief of PhotoKlassik International, to learn about the new magazine and what he has in store for PhotoKlassik International.



What is PhotoKlassik International?

For those of you not familiar with PhotoKlassik, the magazine has been in print for six years catering to the German-speaking analogue community. The team have, until now, focused primarily on featuring European photographers, technical and gear-related articles – all written with a German thoroughness one would expect.

PhotoKlassic International - Behind the scenes
PhotoKlassik International – Behind the scenes

PhotoKlassik International is a new English language quarterly print magazine that shares the format of its stablemate but with a firm focus on the international community. The publication will run in tandem with the existing PhotoKlassik but follow it’s own, globally focused editorial path.

The first issue includes 130 pages of prints and features from grandmasters like Bruce Barnbaum and Andrew Sanderson to French L’Oreal hairdresser/ambassador and film photographer Bruno Estatoff and relative unknowns and newcomers in portfolios and articles. There are also details of an exclusive test shoot with Kodak’s new Super-8 EKTACHROME, and articles from Bellamy Hunt and the team from Camera Rescue.

The main theme of issue one is the rebirth of analogue photography, looking at new brick and mortar stores, as well as instant and street photography. Like German PhotoKlassik, there will also be articles on gear (with a non-traditional approach), and a few useful technical articles.

The magazine continues the emphasis on print and material quality set by PhotoKlassik. The magazine features book-quality prints and is designed to feel as such the same in the hand. Weighing in at over half a kilo, it’s not especially light, so you won’t likely be flicking through it then throwing it out.

The magazine launched on Kickstarter earlier this week. Its modest goal covers initial printing costs of the first issue. The magazine will be officially launched in late September at this year’s Photokina in Cologne. If you want a sneak peek of what to expect, check out a teaser PDF Marwan and his team put together to support the Kickstarter.



About the PhotoKlassik International

The PhotoKlassik International team is an eclectic mix of people, to say the least.

Editor-in-chief and the man behind the concept of PhotoKlassik International, Marwan El-Mozayen is probably best described as a passionate advocate for analogue photography. He has written for German PhotoKlassik for five years and gives workshops through the PhotoKlassik Akademie, although was grounded in a background in medicine and business. If you’re based in Germany, you’ll likely also recognise him as the press liaison for APHOG Next, the biggest German analogue photographer’s forum.

Author, editor, and spokeswoman Charys Schuler is more at home in front of the lens than behind it. A classical violinist with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony, she met Marwan a few years ago while working as his model.

The final member of the team is Andreas Waldeck. Andreas runs the large format forum in Germany, as well as all things IT related for PhotoKlassik International. He was also an Olympic figure skater and continues to judge figure skating competitions worldwide.

An Olympian, classically trained violinist and a medicine man… I did mention it was an eclectic mix, didn’t I?



The future of PhotoKlassik

The team is experienced, multi-cultural, connected and most importantly (from my perspective at least), hungry and impassioned. Looking to the future, the plan is simple: print quarterly issues and distribute globally.

In future issues, we can expect to see the fruits of long-term projects covering the resurgence of analogue photography across the world including, I’m told, an in-depth story about the role of film photography in South Africa’s the past and its resurgence today. Bruce Barnbaum will continue his series of articles on finding artistic inspiration regardless of medium or subject, Bellamy Hunt will continue the series he starts in issue one, and there are murmurs of another article on the Kodak EKTACHROME Super-8 film.

In short, it sounds like the team has its hands full and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how things pan out.

Issue one is available to support on Kickstarter ahead of its late-September release.

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