Having a Wife that is also a Ceramicist was handy the day I decided to build my own pinhole camera.

What was not so handy was having ILFORD chemicals that were two years out of date and a box of paper that was a decade old – and turned out to have a case of terminal fogging.

I started off with a lot of fails. Paper negatives that dev’d up in shades of grey. When I did get results I was frustrated by a marked lack of contrast. I am certain fresh chems and a new box of paper are going to do this project a world of good.

All exposures were made after dark on my galley table, lit by an angle poise lamp from camera left. All exposures were roughly two hours long.

My inspiration for this project was the still life photography that was being shot in the late 18th century. Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton and Thomas Richard Williams are three photographers that I have taken influence from.

Just the simple objects that I find lying about my home, and I have quite a lot of that clutter, it keeps my happy.

Thanks for reading, here are my five frames:

~ Toby Van de Velde



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