Here’s the month that was November 2019 on EMULSIVE, all 30 days and 34 articles of it. As usual, the “top ten” as decided by you and ordered by date of publication follows below. Having been doing these monthly recaps for a couple of years now, what’s interesting to me is how many film photography industry news and updates are released between October and November of each year.

This year is no exception, with news of Kodak’s continuing success (21% YoY growth of the film business), updates from Fujifilm on new ACROS II (reviewed first here on EMULSIVE last Tuesday) and news of new film and paper development kits from Tetenal 1847.


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Essay: What happened to 'girl gaze'?

Essay: What happened to ‘Girl Gaze’?

The concept of a ‘gaze’ is not new to photography. In the 1970’s art critics and theorists like John Berger and Laura Mulvey made it their mission to retrace and analyse the history of the dominant gaze found cinema, art, photography. Ultimately, they decided that it was, and had been, […]

Kodak Tower. Image credit: Matt Stoffel

Good news: Kodak’s film business grew 21% in Q3 2019

A simple bullet point in Eastman Kodak Company’s November 7th Q3 2019 earnings press release brings good news for film shooters everywhere. Kodak’s film business is up 21% year on year in Q3 2019: “Revenues for the Company’s film business grew 21 percent year-over-year for the year to date.” Naturally, […]

Reflex film camera suffers further setbacks, lens ready for production

Reflex film camera suffers further setbacks, lens ready for production

The team behind the Reflex film camera took to Kickstarter today with troubling news of further setbacks and an uncertain future for the project. First announced on November 7th 2017, Reflex with its “Reflex I” promised a brand new 35mm SLR film camera system encompassing options to use multiple lens […]

TETENAL Magic Box- Simple, low volume C-41, E-6 and RA-4 development kits

TETENAL Magic Box: Simple, low volume C-41, E-6 and RA-4 development kits (updated)

Update: additional resellers added. TETENAL 1847 GmbH has just announced the introduction of new developer kits for processing C-41 and E6 film and RA-4 prints under the “Magic Box” brand. Initially available for German-speaking markets only, the kits are being positioned by the company as an option for film photographers […]

The TLR, a Goldilocks camera design - by Tony Warren

The TLR, a Goldilocks camera design

The Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) is a camera design over 130 years old and it’s almost a hundred years since its now-familiar appearance first was brought to the mass market by Franke & Heidecke and subsequently, so widely and successfully copied. It is a “just right” Goldilocks camera if ever there […]

…and here’s everything in order of publication

Life gets busy. Here’s everything from November in a single list.

My return to film: Tim Roper

My return to film: Tim Roper

I started shooting film in a middle school photography class, where we bulk-loaded Tri-X and developed and printed in the darkroom there. Our teacher, Mr Truman, was a WWII air force veteran and had a patience and acceptance of life that I think only combat can forge in a person. […]

The anti-contest-contest: Say hello to the Shitty Camera Challenge

The anti-contest-contest: Say hello to the Shitty Camera Challenge

I’ve always hated contests. That hatred stemmed from what losing meant to me. I was indoctrinated into a contest culture when I was a kid; spelling bees, writing competitions, timed math tests, and worst of all, art competitions. They caused an excruciating amount of stress and bred an inferiority complex. […]

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