EMULSIVE November 2019: month in review

Here’s the month that was November 2019 on EMULSIVE, all 30 days and 34 articles of it. As usual, the “top ten” as decided by you and ordered by date of publication follows below. Having been doing these monthly recaps for a couple of years now, what’s interesting to me is how many film photography industry news and updates are released between October and November of each year.

This year is no exception, with news of Kodak’s continuing success (21% YoY growth of the film business), updates from Fujifilm on new ACROS II (reviewed first here on EMULSIVE last Tuesday) and news of new film and paper development kits from Tetenal 1847.


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…and here’s everything in order of publication

Life gets busy. Here’s everything from November in a single list.

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