EMULSIVE March 2019: month in review

March might seem like a distant memory as we go barrelling into May, so let this month in review be a reminder to you – at least as far as EMULSIVE is concerned. Here are March’s 28 articles and photos split out as the top ten (according to you), and then as a complete list.

If you don’t remember reading 28 new things here last month, it’s time to catch up!

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Fujifilm: put down your pitchforks, it’s survival of the fittest

I was drawn to write this in-depth look at Fujifilm following the announcement of new global price increases effective April 1st. There was a lot of bad blood on social media following the announcement – isn’t there always? – and I felt it about time that someone put things into perspective. To TLDR the article: Fujifilm doesn’t owe you film.

Camera review: The Rolleicord 1a – 2 – Model K3

Jens is back on EMULSIVE with a review of the Rollecord 1a 2 Model K3. In all honesty, most of the review could probably be taken up by that mouthful of a model number.

How to: Shoot nightlife flash photography with Kodak Ektachrome E100

You may not know Raymond van Mil for his nightlife photography but it’s a big part of what he does and he’s pretty damned good at it. In this article, he walks us through his process shooting Amsterdam’s nightlife on new Kodak EKTACHROME E100 with flash.

The Olympus XA: how I fell in love with a tiny plastic box…

This is not a normal camera review. It’s a love letter / documentation of one man’s descent into madness with the Olympus XA, one of the smallest and best performing rangefinder cameras ever made.

5 Frames With… Fuji Pro 400H (EI 800 / 35mm / Canon EOS 33) – by Geoff Roughton

With his help, I’ll be telling Geoff’s story of returning to film later on this year. In the meantime, I strongly urge you to give thsi quick 5Frames With… a read.

Film stock review: Comparing Kodak Ektar 100 to Fujifilm Velvia 50

They say you should never compare apples to pears. What if I happen to like both? That’s possibly the least respectful way of introducing Gregor Sinclair’s in-depth comparison of Fuji Velvia 50 and Kodak Ektar 100 but honestly, it’s a good one. Even if I say so myself.

Darkroom technique: fine-tuning the negative

Monika is back on EMULSIVE talking about what it took to “get the print” from a single negative. It’s an example of one photographer shooting, developing and printing to their vision and well worth your time.

5 Frames With… Kodak EKTACHROME 160T (EI 100-150 XPRO / 35mm / Zenit TTL) – by Lucy Wainwright

If you know Lucy, you’ll know what to expect in this month’s second featured 5 Frames with article. For my part, I’ll say no more.

Camera review: the flawless BOMM V810 8×10 camera

Craig was the recipient of BOMM Cameras’ first 8×10 field camera and was kind enough to provide a review of his experience specifying the camera and working with BOMM to deliver the functionality he wanted, as well as a bit about his journey from small up to large format photography.

How to save money with a Nikon Pre-AI camera system

Brian Grossman was kind enough to distil some of this knowledge into this useful article exploring Nikon’s pre-AI lenses. If you’re a shooter of Nikon SLRs or are looking to jump in, this is a great place to start.

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