EMULSIVE April 2019: month in review

April might seem like a distant memory as we go barreling into the second half of May, so let’s pause for a minute and look back at the 26 “things” published here on EMULSIVE over those 30 short days.

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Camera Review: Mamiya 645 Pro, plastic fantastic? – Kikie Wilkins

Kikie is back with his unique style of reviews. This time, he’s giving us an in-depth look at this Mamiya 645 Pro…the most widely used 6×4.5 “plastic fantastic” ever made.

Film showdown: ADOX Silvermax 100 vs original Agfa APX 100

Ray Rapkerg is back on EMULSIVE for the first time since his interview back in August 2015. His question: is it possible to recreate the look of original Agfa APX 100 using a modern film stock?

5 Frames With… CineStill 800T (EI 800 / 120 / Yashica D TLR) – By Ed Worthington

I’ve got a lot of time for Ed Worthington and his latest 5 Frames With does nothing to sway that feeling. When you’re done reading, take a peek at his bio and jump on over to his website.

Campus lights: documenting local light pollution on film

It’s a real pleasure to have Sam Smith back on the website after a brief hiatus. In this article Sam walks us through his current university through the lens of urban light pollution. Interesting stuff.

The Simple Enlarger: compact, portable, low-cost darkroom printing for all

Did I ever mention that Twitter’s Dan K is a bit of a mad scientist/obsessive? No? He is. This article charts the creation of Dan’s Simple Enlarger, a fantastic, low-cost, portable 35mm film enlarger designed to make prints up to 8×10 in size. Spoiler alert: it’ll go bigger than that…now to get some paper…

Holgas in the Himalayas – by Andrew Tonn

Andrew Tonn may have moved away from India in recent years but it has stuck with him. In this article he documents the Himalayan mountains through the eye of his Holga.

The Nikon F2: an everyday camera for the 21st Century – Neil Kohl

Some people say that Nikon could have stopped their pro film camera line with the Nikon F2. After reading Neil’s thoughts, I’m inclined to agree (but my FM3A is safe

Why did it take me so long to start shooting Kodak Tri-X? – Simon King

There are some film stocks that take a while to get to. God knows more than a handful of them have been shared here on EMULSIVE but Tri-X? Seriously? 😉

How to: Shoot Fuji Instax instant print film in a classic large format camera

I love creativity in all it’s forms and hardware hacks are closest to my heart. Peter Bryenton shares his: shooting Instax Mini and Wide on his large format Graflex Speed Graphic.

Two out of three. A look at three bellows cameras from the 1950s: Agfa Record III, Voigtländer Perkeo I, and Agfa Isolette

Graham Rogers shares his experience with three medium format rollfilm cameras – not one after the other, at the same time. I’ve had one or two of these over the years and can attest to his results. Lovely work.

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