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5 Frames of my lockdown on Classic EZ 400 film, a Voigtländer Bessa-R and Nikon FM2 (Skopar 35mm f/2.5 and Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f/2 lenses)

Being on voluntary lockdown on COVID leads to boredom, but it also lead me to explore my vast collection of photography books which I began to draw inspiration from for a little project. I love portrait work especially informal and street portraits. I began this little project two years ago at the start of the […]

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5 Frames of… Tulips on overexposed Fujicolor C200 (Leica R3, Macro-Elmarit 60mm f/2.8) – by Charles Mutter

I am endlessly fascinated by tulips. So far, so unoriginal. Even supermarket bouquets can yield extraordinary beauty, especially if left a little longer than most florists would deem appropriate. And our local florist often has really unusual, dramatic blooms – parrot tulips, “double” tulips that burst out like peonies… Usually, I photograph them indoors, the […]

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5 Frames… Of Dresden Neustadt on Kodak Portra 160 (35mm format / EI 160 / Minolta SRT MC-II + Minolta MC 35mm f2.8) – by Konrad Kiesel

Lately, I found myself in the urge of shooting my trusty old Minolta SRT MC-II. While firing away some shots, to see if the shutter sounds reasonable at different speeds, I came to realise that I must have loaded some film into it at some point. Also I could not remember what film I loaded […]

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5 Frames… Of portraits on ILFORD HP5 PLUS (120 Format / EI 320 / Green #11 filter Bronica SQ-A + Zenzanon PS 150mm + S-18 extension tube) – by Cameron Breze

These frames were selected from a recent test shoot on my new (to me) Bronica SQ-A and first medium format shots that I had ever taken with extension tubes. I began my film journey mainly by accident; I had taken digital photos for years prior to giving film a shot. It had never crossed my […]

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5 Frames… Ending in a Pacific sunset on Kodak Portra 400 (35mm Format / EI 400 / Canon A-1 + Canon 50mm 1.4) – by Zak DenHartigh

This past November, I had the opportunity to visit a close friend of mine in Los Angeles, California. Given the current situation with covid, I didn’t really know what to expect on my trip. I was worried that there may not be enough going on to enjoy or photograph. I am thankful that there ended […]

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5 Frames… Of Latvia’s Kaucminde Manor on Lomography Berlin 400 Kino film (Nikon FE2 and Nikon 55mm f/1.2 AI)

The Kaucminde Manor is an impressive palace building from the early 19th century. In 1920-30 this facility was house to Latvia’s most popular Housekeeping School. The property was belonged to count Peter Ludwig von Palen. In 2018 Kaucminde was hit with a big fire which left the building badly damaged. I have always had a […]

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5 Frames… From my first roll in a Holga 135 PAN Panoramic camera and Revolog Tesla 1 (35mm / Holga 55mm f/8 lens) – by Chemical Lens

Lomography is a contradiction in terms, and I love that. I am a traditional film photographer who takes Lomography seriously. There are 10 Golden Rules of Lomography which is funny because rule #10 says that there are “no rules.” I even have a portfolio on my website that is titled “no rules”. When I’m in […]

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5 Frames… Of my hometown Leeuwarden in the Netherlands on Fomapan 100 Classic (120 Format / EI 100 / Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex)

The Ikoflex is the only true Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) made by Zeiss Ikon — the WWII Tengoflex is actually just a box-camera with a large, simple brilliant finder which does not aid focussing and is therefore considered to be a pseudo-TLR. The first Ikoflex was introduced in 1934 and had a striking “Art Deco” […]