5 Frames...

Olympus OM-4T and Olympus Zuiko 300mm f/4.5

5 Frames… With Kodak EKTACHROME E100 (EI 100 / 35mm format / Olympus OM-4T) – by David Hancock

The OM-4 represented the pinnacle of Olympus film camera development. The multi-spot metering function, unique to the OM-3 and OM-4 bodies, afforded photographers the greatest manual exposure control in any film camera produced.

5 Frames With Kodak EKTACHROME E100VS (EI 400 / 120 / Bronica SQ-A) - by Monika

5 Frames… With Kodak EKTACHROME E100VS (EI 100 / 120 format / Bronica SQ-A) – by Monika

“What on earth had I been thinking?” This is the question that I asked myself from the moment that I dropped the roll of film off at the lab, until the moment that I had picked it up.