5 Frames… With Japan Camera Hunter Streetpan 400 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Nikon F100) – by Mike Baker

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I had purchased a couple of rolls of JCH Streetpan 400 in 35mm but held off shooting the film until I had an opportunity I felt was worthy of its Streetpan name. That opportunity came in March 2019, when I spent a few days in Asheville, North Carolina. With its constant flow of interesting people, Asheville’s downtown has a great “street” vibe; I was confident in the opportunity for good images.

Whenever I’m testing a new to me film stock, I use my Nikon F100 with the Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/2 AF-D; that’s the combo used on this trip. I’ve owned this setup for a few years and the meter and autofocus have always worked well. My free time to try out the film was limited to the late afternoon and evening. As such, in the shadows of the surrounding buildings, the light levels fell off quickly resulting in marginal to bad light much of the time. Shooting from afternoon light into the night, the Streetpan 400 got a serious work out at its box speed of 400 ISO.

Once back home, I processed the film in Rodinal at a 25:1 dilution and scanned the negatives using an Epson V850 and SilverFast 8. Silverfast had no scanning profile for Streetpan, thinking their Kodak Tri-X 400 profile would be appropriate, I chose to use that profile. Once the digitized negatives were in Adobe Lightroom, I cleaned up dust spots but did no other adjustments.

I am impressed with the results from my first roll of Streetpan 400, particularly when used in marginal light. The negatives scanned well, the grain was even and shadow detail was good. In fact, from this roll, I prefer the shots captured in poor lighting situations over the shots captured in brighter light levels.

Encouraged by the results of my first roll of 35mm JCH Streetpan 400, I’m looking forward to shooting the medium format roll of Streetpan 400 currently sitting in my refrigerator.

~ Mike

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