For what am I not trying to capture if not the essence of the character of my motifs? That´s why I like to shoot the woodlands and other things I find interesting with a portrait lens or at least mostly with a shallow depth of field. I´m interested in details I see or the beauty in small things if you like without going macro, even if I do like to try that occasionally.

This particular day, the 4th of October 2020, I was curious to find out if I had finally managed to fix the light leak of my A12 back (i.e my girlfriend helped me). It was not an unusual kind of light leak, it was just me messing up the first time I tried to fix it, because I removed the sticky light seal on the metal plate and ruined the new one that I had. This time I just purchased some foam with glue on one side on the internet and cut out a small piece myself. I loaded the magazine with a roll of T-MAX 100 that had expired 08/2006 so I rated it at EI 50.

I decided to bring a tripod, the shutter speeds were all around 1/250th sec – 1 sec, and most of the shots were at aperture f/4 – 5.6, so I´m glad I did! The lens for the day was my Carl Zeiss Sonnar CF 180mm f/4. I bought this lens in December 2019 but had only shot 2 rolls of film with it due to the leaking film back. So far I´m overwhelmed by the results, what a lens! Very sharp and the out-of-focus areas are very smooth for the eye.

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I headed towards my nearby woods, a 10-minute walk from home. It was, unfortunately, a non-rainy day, still cloudy and nice for my taste. I had no other plan than to stroll around to see what I could find like I usually do. After about 1.5h I had advanced the last frame. This is one of the best feelings I know, walking around with nothing on my mind, just focussing on my photography with no stress or other various concerns. Just taking nature in and breathing. It´s like meditation, or at least I´m in a meditative state of mind. Slow film photography is really keeping my scales held more even.

~ Robin

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