Many of us read the story of Ektar film, and know that the current Kodak Ektar 100 is a different film from Ektar produced decades ago. When I want to know “the look of the film” I search for it on Flickr, and I found only one or two pictures made with Ektar 125. I remember that was the old photo of London and a green bus, with beautiful desaturated colors that made me buy the film.

I got 5 canisters and wanted to try the film before it went extinct in online shops. The boxes contained paper with instructions and black canisters with stickers on top. Though the film was 30 years old, I exposed all of the rolls at EI 50, expecting that I’m giving it more than one complementary stop of light, and that might be enough, then sent the film to the lab I trust in Tbilisi.

Almost all images from four films turned out red, and the rest were noisy and uninspiring. It’s a pity because I liked the shots when I pressed the shutter, and I was hoping to get satisfying results.

Luckily one of the films turned out surprisingly well. That was the walk on Sundukyan Street one autumn weekend, and I like the photos so much, it’s hard to choose only five.

I like Sundukyan street – it is narrow and calm on weekends. There are both communist-era high-rise buildings and small one-floor private houses. I prefer fewer cars, but the city I live in does not promote a car-free lifestyle. Still, I do not avoid including cars in my shots, sometimes even aim so, as I try to include cats or dogs. That is what a small pacific Yerevan street looks like on autumn weekends, and I think it must be a pleasure to live here.

~ Norayr

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