I love the Lomography Diana Mini and I’ll stand by this little plastic gal with all my heart, even when nobody else wants to.

I love the high contrast, high grain look of Street Candy ATM 400. It has this really lovely texture. For years when I shot digital, I’d spend SO MUCH TIME looking for textures, light leaks, filters I could use to make my photos look like this in Photoshop CS6. But they always lacked the organic feeling of real film. Now I point, I click, and I wait for development! It is timeless magic which can’t be replicated.

And trust me, I’ve tried.

There is a loneliness and desolation In the winter landscapes of upstate NY. It’s a time when the outdoors feels as dead physically as it does for me emotionally. I’m born and raised in the country but I’m a city girl at heart. The emptiness of the landscape reflects the ennui and dispassionate feelings I have towards my hometown. It’s a great combo because I don’t need to really put forth the effort to make it look how I want to it to.

When it combined with the Diana Mini, it has this very gritty feeling. I would change nothing! I love this combo and I am looking forward to using it many times again in the future.

~ Vi

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Vi Merveilles

The modern overfixation on perfection has tainted the concept of beauty. I embrace the imperfections of life as a beauty which cant be replicated.

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