It all began in the summer of 2018 when I made a trip to the United States. The decision of which camera and accessories I should bring was not easy at all.

But I found that the Canon Canonet and its 40mm 1.7 I had bought a few weeks ago and my reliable and beloved Canon A-1, were more than enough to capture all the beautiful moments of my trip.

Once in NYC, I decided to go out to shoot photos and get to know the city, what led me to another question…What emulsions do I need to document this beautiful sunny day? I had several options (Kodak Porta 400, ILFORD HP5 PLUS, Kodacolour 200, Kodak Ektar 100). In the end, I decided to use Kodak Ektar 100, since the day was very sunny and I went out with the Canonet to walk lighter.

Although many people say that the skin tones with this emulsion are not the most natural the results I got were great for me, and being my first time using this emulsion I was totally in love.

Shooting with film is definitely a lovely experience. The feeling you get from seeing your results after that waiting time before the revealing and scanning, is amazing.

~ Joan


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Joan Prenza

Dominican Republic based photographer who loves film in all the ways. 


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  1. I bought a Canonet QL17 GIII about ten years ago, and use it more than my EOS Elan 7. Super portable, just the right amount of control, and a look that catches the hipster’s eyes.