Since subscribing to Lomography’s newsletter, I came across Lomography F2/400 in 120. Research revealed this film to be expired Ferrania’s Solaris FG 400. The five images presented here are from an October 2018 trip to Italy (Milan/Bologna), where the colors can be somewhat muted, due to the overcast light and shorter days. The film itself isn’t the sharpest, and the grain is quite pronounced, but the film has such an incredible character.

All images were captured handheld; very few places tourist attractions in Italy allow for the use of a tripod.

Starting in Milan, we immediately ventured out with my Hasselblad 500C/M, Sekonic L-398A light meter and 50mm f/4 Distagon lens. The 50mm captured the large, gothic architecture perfectly.

These next two frames display my obsession with vintage machines. “Vespa Rossa” and “Vespa Rosso”, captured with the 50mm Distagon and 80mm Planar, respectively, were two of the oldest, well-maintained Vespas I had come across. I look for not only the unique colors, but the Italian use of steel and chrome.

“The 3 Chairs””, arranged in the colors of Italy’s flag, was captured in Verona, right outside of Piazza Bra with the 80mm Planar. People walked by, unimpressed by the style and creativity used by the store. I patiently waited for them to move along before kneeling and capturing them.

The final image…is not a square. It was cropped due to some defect at the top of the film. Empty seats at the Munich airport, the Hasselblad is rested on the seat next to me with cable release attached. The light was warm, due to the tint film on the large windows.

I really hate myself for not purchasing 20 rolls of this film as I was impressed with the color rendition and character. I shot this same film recently at EI 100 and it shines even more!

~ Scott

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  1. These are lovely, I especially like the three chairs in the colours of the Italian flag. At around the time you shot these we could’ve accidentally crossed paths, I was also in Milano for a few days in October 2018 although from the looks of the photo of the Duomo you had good weather, it was raining a LOT when I got there.