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5 frames with… #31: ILFORD HP5 Plus – By Grégoire Huret

My name is Grégoire Huret, I live in Paris and I practice 35mm photography. I take black and white photographs almost exclusively, and most of the time work on street photography. I’ve done a lot with Kodak films (Tri-X 400 and T-MAX 400) but nowadays I only use the ILFORD HP5 Plus. I find that the HP5 Plus offers more shades between black and white than Kodak’s.

About sensitivity; 400 ISO is perfect for street photography(especially with with Paris’ climate. There are many variations of brightness and shadow areas so I find that the HP5 Plus has good adaptability for this exercise. 

I develop my own black and white films but I am not very rigorous in the process. I have a routine but the repetitions, the switches, the times and the temperatures can sometimes change. I have to admit that I love the grain. I like grainy and high contrast photographs, so maybe that’s why I’m not paying too much attention to my development. I like to do it that way, it makes me feel free, just as when I’m shooting in the Streets of Paris.

My setup is a 1+3 dilution of ILFORD ID 11 for 19min at 20°C.  I never push my films… I like to keep it simple.

All the photographs shown below were shot with my Leica M6 TTL and 35mm Summicron, except for the photo of the woman in the subway, which was taken with an old Olympus MJU.

Grégoire Huret



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About The Author

Grégoire Huret

Grégoire Huret is a self-taught photographer passionate about street photography and 35mm cameras.

Through his photographs, he’s taking a sincere look at the life that surrounds him by capturing on black and white film, spontaneous situations.

Without manipulating the reality, his photographs shows lonely characters in graphic decors where contrast and grain strengthening his quest for authenticity.


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