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Film tests - Getting the best out of Ferrania P30 Alpha part 1

Film tests: getting the best out of FERRANIA P30 Alpha part 1 – by Scott Micciche

FERRANIA P30 Alpha has had an interesting time of it since it got into the hands of eager customers in late 2017.  Many photographers (including yours truly) have questioned everything from its true speed to the nature of the emulsion

"Untitled", Cabeça Gorda, Redondo, Portugal. Minolta X700, MD 50mm f1.7, loaded with Kodak T-MAX 400 exposed at EI 800 and developed in Kodak T-MAX developer. Printed on ILFORD MGIV FB Warmtone, developed in Kodak Dektol. Dektol in general seemed to produce a slightly warmer rendition.

Interview #158: I am Luis Barrancos and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee hails from Portugal and is currently enjoying life in tropical Malaysia.