Kodak 125PX

Winter Voyage to Finland - J.BRANCATI ©2017

Diario di viaggio: Viaggio d’inverno in Finlandia

English version: https://emulsive.org/articles/travelogue/winter-voyage-to-finland-aka-extreme-cold-weather-photography-jacopo-brancati

Sono un etnologo e un fotografo specializzato in questioni marittime. Da molto tempo mi focalizzo sulla comunità dei marittimi in Europa.

“Queen Street” Newcastle, August 2015 - Hasselblad 500CM / 80mm Zeiss Planar / Lomography Colour Negative 400

EMULSIVE interview #88: I am Nick Skinner and this is why I shoot film

Today we’re sitting down with 23-year old Nick Skinner from Newcastle in the North East of England.

Nick’s been shooting film for about two years and has a rather interesting background which, as you’ll see, imparts itself onto his photography