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Changing gear: how the theft of my kit pushed me into...

Changing Gear is a new series here on EMULSIVE where photographers are invited to talk about equipment or events that have changed the way they approach the world through their lens.

How-to: Shoot a wedding on film… dos, don’ts and the beauty...

First things first, I am not a full time professional (or really even a part-time) wedding photographer.

EMULSIVE interview #169: I am Darren Kelland and this is why...

Welcome to this week’s EMULSIVE interview.

Minimalism in photography – by Darren Kelland

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Leonardo Da Vinci   Minimalism of any form requires a degree of discipline... The discipline required is to recognize what is essential and is superfluous. So it is with minimalist photography.

EMULSIVE interview #27: I am Colin Wilson and this is why...

Considered, methodological, quiet, contemplative. Today's film photographer isn't someone you'll likely see running after the next shot.

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