Film Ferrania

Madison Falls, Yellowstone National Park - Kodak AEROCHROME III 1443 shot at EI 400. Color infrared aerial surveillance film in 120 format shot as 6x12. Shot with #21 orange filter.

EMULSIVE interview #132: I am #EMULSIVE and this is why I shoot film

Welcome to this week’s EMULSIVE interview!

Today’s interviewee is someone a few of you may have heard of and to be frank, it’s been a bit of headache to put together.

FILM Ferrania Community Interview 2017

EMULSIVE x FILM Ferrania Community Interview: Submit your questions

It’s time to introduce the fifth in our series of EMULSIVE Community Interviews to you, this time with the brains at FILM Ferrania, a little Italian company you may have heard of here and there.

If you’re wondering where interviews