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Author: Don Kittle

Working with Paper Negatives – Part 3: At work in the Red Light District

Welcome to part three of my series on photography using paper negatives aka photographic paper! If you’re new to the series, please take a moment to read the preceding parts before diving in. Part one introduces the concept of paper negatives and what to expect from this medium. Part two jumps into shooting paper negatives, experimentation, determining ISO and more! In this article I’ll be talking almost exclusively about developing your paper negatives and covering some lessons I’ve learned while working out my own workflow.     Buying More Stuff Ugh, right! I’m already into this whole film photography thing...

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Working with paper negatives – Part two: Trial by light

You’ve heard of GAS? I’m also getting PES – Paper Experimentation Syndrome. Now 6 months into my adventures working with paper negatives, I’ve found three types of paper negatives to work with: Ilford Multigrade IV RC Paper, Oriental Seagull VC-RC Pearl, Galaxy Direct Positive Paper. As you’ll remember from part one of this series, I’ve basically bought a lifetime supply of Ilford’s paper; a box of 1000 4×5 sheets. On a whim, I also recently picked up a box of the Oriental’s paper when I was ordering other goodies from B&H. It’s sensitivity and dynamic range (DR) seems similar to Ilford’s...

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Working with paper negatives – Part one: A story of thrift and Magic

Film photography, or analog photography — to use a term that better encompasses other media and processes — really is a fascinating world. To those relatively new to the world outside what is considered traditional film photography (such as myself), hearing people talk about the collidon process, wet plates, paper negatives and the like can often be confusing and a little too much to take in. They’re terms that evoke different feelings in different people; curiosity, dread, memories of experiments gone wrong, and wonderful — more often than not — antique images. That’s not to say that any of...

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