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Author: Andreas Zieroth

5 Frames With… Lomography Color Negative 800 (EI 800 / 35mm / Olympus XA) – by Andreas Zieroth

“High ISO color negative films are rare and expensive, period.” That’s what I saved in my mind for years, and then used to skip the wish to shoot that gold dust – except for special events like the Berlin Light Festival every year in October. If one looks into well-known brands like Fuji or Kodak, the statement above seems true. Kodak with their Portra 800 (~12€/roll), Fuji’s Superia / Venus / 800/1600 (~12€-15€/roll), or Fuji Natura 1600 (~13€/roll) all offer fine and expensive ways to catch the night’s colors. Also, that hyped tungsten balanced Cinestill 800T (~11€/role) is not...

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Camera review: Side by side review of the Olympus MJU vs the Canon Prima Mini aka the 1€ & shipping challenge! – Andreas Zieroth

Last summer I met a young very nice American guy at my office. He had been hired as an English teacher to coach my colleagues (and me!) in a bit of his native language. As he soon knew my pronounced affinity with photography, he proudly showed me some prints he’d had made from a disposable camera, the kind you can buy in any drugstore nearby. He told me he always carries one of these little plastic wonders in his bag to capture memories of his everyday life. Some of you might to smile at this, I did too, upon first hearing it. But...

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