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Alastair Bird
Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Alastair has been shooting professionally for the last 15 years. Although he uses the latest technology for his commercial work, his personal work is very much ruled by analog technology. This is partly because he is an incurable romantic when it comes to film, but mostly because film is just so much fun.

Camera review: Pentax 67 – by Alastair Bird

It’s a beast, this Pentax. It weighs a ton and it’s hard to hang on to. It’s slow, has a terrible synch speed and everything is in full stops.

Lens review: Schneider Xenotar 150mm f/2.8 + Linhof Technikardan (plus video)...

In 2006 or so a good friend of mine sold off his 150mm f/2.8 Schneider Xenotar large format lens.